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Fake Hair, Real Black Pussy

That’s a whole lot of fake hair on that girl. I feel so sorry for black women and how cursed they are with their hair. They want to have great hairstyles just like any other women but they are so handicapped with their natural hair that more often than not they seek out the option of extensions like this girl has.

Her hair might not be her own but the rest sure is and she and other black girls carry no deficit in that regard, they are beautiful. In fact, I would personally argue that they are 1-up on many other girls purely on the colour of their skin. It’s just so chocolatey appealing like you’d like to eat them all up from head to toe.

This particular girl goes by the name of AvenaGold and and if you didn’t have the desire to lick her all over the moment you saw her then a minute or two into her show is all that she needs to change your mind. She is sexy as hell and knows exactly how to flaunt it.

The Perfect Porn Pose

If it’s all about looking up at the guy while giving him a blowjob, then this must be the perfect porn blowjob pose, looking right into the camera to help along that point of view effect and thereby enhancing the immersion.

While little things like that might go mostly completely unnoticed, your subconscious picks up on it and it helps draw you into or enhance your own fantasy. It’s a definite factor of what makes you feel like some sites just have better porn than others because you are more inclined to enjoy it.

My question is rather about specifically what it is about a girl having to look a man in the eyes while giving him a blowjob. So often I see guys in porn movies to look at him while sucking his dick. Honestly, it’s something that does absolutely nothing for me when I’m getting a blowjob and maintaining eye contact while having sex is something I associate with women, not men.

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Ghetto Girlfriends

“This is 911, how may I help you?”

“Yeah operator, this is Taquanisha, because my mother thinks that’s an African name.”

“What seems to be the problem Ms.?”

“Well I have gem squash stuck in my pussy… or is this a cucumber? No it’s definitely an eggplant.”

I’d pay good money to watch this episode with William Shatner narrating for us of course.

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“A Rose by any Other Name would Smell as Sweet”

Now why on earth would i be quoting Shakespeare to title a porn post?

It’s the fact that Bangbros had me perplexed with naming this specific site of theirs; Brown Bunnies while everywhere else the emphasis seems to be on “black”. It’s Black on this and Black fucks that etc. all in the name of pride and so forth and here they come and mixed it up like that.

It’s then when I realised that the name doesn’t change a damn thing. The chicks are still hot as fuck, the porn as exciting as ever and the quality second to none. And that’s where, if you are familiar with Romeo and Juliet, this quote came in apt.

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Two Coffee, One Sugar and I’ll Add the Milk

This is a genre that is a rare find n my experience. While there is a wide selection of interracial sites out there, they are almost exclusively white bitches taking black cock. I can’t blame them either. they want to be filled to the brim and most black chaps have what they crave.

Ebony sites are not that scarce either where black dudes get stuck into black chicks and fuck like everyone’s a street whore. Much to my delight that is. I enjoy the ‘take some of this’ action.

Here, however, her is a savings opportunity with a different spin; discount.

It is features exclusively white guys dipping their cocks in chocolate pussies.

The more niche a site is, outside of the sick stuff range, the more it appeals to me and this one is cracker.