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Month: November, 2021

Halle Hayes sucking a BBC for Pornstar Platinum

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Habib Fucks the Hottest Babes

What an interesting story Habib the clerk at Quicky Mart decided to quit his job one day and set out in a quest around the world to fuck as many girls as he could. These aren’t porn stars, they aren’t actors. These are genuinely amateur girls picked up off the streets and agreed to Habib’s set up. When you join the site you will be met with the biographies of the girls that he’s brought to you. He does get quite a bit of detail on each girl making for some interesting reading. If this sounds interesting to you get The Habib Show discount for 45% off.

He goes to all corners of the world bringing you diverse ethnicity and diversity in the girls he’s fucking. He fucks a lot of Latina’s and quite a few black girls but they are from everywhere. He lists the 700 + scenes by city and a little write-up of what is in the video. All of the videos are completely unscripted and 100%  real with all the participants just out to enjoy themselves and have a good time.