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Glamorous Not Ghetto

I absolutely love women, all women, but especially black women. The only thing that I don’t love is that I find when I’m looking for ebony porn vids the sites seem to be set up featuring ghetto trash. Where are all of the beautiful mocha skinned women at who are classy and horny and shown in full stunning HD being the sex goddesses that they are?

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If you’ve been around Streamate long enough, you’ve probably come across Kristela. This sexy Ebony camgirl has been treating men and women alike to amazing shows in which she shows off her mouth-watering tits, and her dripping-wet pussy. Kristela is a petite 18 year-old hottie who’s ready to put things in her ass and assume a submissive role for you.

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How I Became an Ass Man

I wasn’t always as into the view of a phat ass as I am now. I used to be all about the boobs. Not just any boobs either. They had to be big. Large, luscious tits that could smother my face and slap me silly were the only ones I cared about. All those itty bitty A and B cup titties do nothing for me.

Then I got a girlfriend with huge natural tits and a mountainous ass to match. I can never go back to small or medium butts now. I’d even settle for smaller tits if it meant a girl with bigger buns. Seeing that rump clapping as though applauding my cock when she’d ride me in reverse cowgirl was hypnotic. When I’d bend her over and nail her in doggy style, there was just so much to grab onto and spank. It was glorious! She was a total bitch though. I stayed with her longer than was sane just because I didn’t want to let that ass go.

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Sweet Black Pussy Cats

One thing that always seems to be missing from porn is the young ebony girls. There are plenty of sites full of experienced, mature chocolate girls. But I want the young, fresh faced beauties bringing me to my climax.

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Real Ebony Teens in Their Own Sexy Films

It should come as no surprise that where we feel most comfortable is where we are going to let our guard down and lower our inhibitions a bit. That happens to be true for almost anyone, and is one of the reasons why I favor home made porn so much.

Not only are you not getting scripted bull shit with fake orgasms, fake airbrushed women, and bad acting. But you just aren’t getting the complete passion and true sexuality of the ladies featured.

I don’t care how hot you are, seeing real raw sexual tension wins over just having a pretty face and big tits every day of the week.

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Ghetto Girlfriends

“This is 911, how may I help you?”

“Yeah operator, this is Taquanisha, because my mother thinks that’s an African name.”

“What seems to be the problem Ms.?”

“Well I have gem squash stuck in my pussy… or is this a cucumber? No it’s definitely an eggplant.”

I’d pay good money to watch this episode with William Shatner narrating for us of course.

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“A Rose by any Other Name would Smell as Sweet”

Now why on earth would i be quoting Shakespear to title a porn post?

It’s the fact that Bangbros had me perplexed with naming this specific site of theirs; Brown Bunnies while everywhere else the emphasis seems to be on “black”. It’s Black on this and Black fucks that etc. all in the name of pride and so forth and here they come and mixed it up like that.

It’s then when I realised that the name doesn’t change a damn thing. The chicks are still hot as fuck, the porn as exciting as ever and the quality second to none. And that’s where, if you are familiar with Romeo and Juliet, this quote came in apt.

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