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For the longest time, chubby chasers were an underground bunch. Chubby chasers, of course, are guys who prefer big women for sex partners. For many years and many decades, these guys didn’t want to be known in public for their sexual preferences. They like to keep a low profile because there’s a little bit of shame in their game.


Well, now that more and more American guys are discovering that bigger women are sexy, chubby chasers are now out in the open. A lot of men are now self-identifying as exclusively oriented towards fat women. Here are the reasons why some guys become chasers of flab.


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If you’re a guy, the first definition or first exposure you would get of femininity is your mother. It’s been proven in behavioral studies that guys who prefer really thin women tend to have thinner moms. On the other hand, guys on the other end of the spectrum tend to have bigger moms. It’s all about first impressions and imprinting.


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